Spectrum Security Group has over 20 years experience in a wide range of surveillance operations and investigations, drawing our expertise from an extensive network of experienced individuals. We possess the personnel, experience, skills, knowledge, and specialized equipment to accomplish even the most challenging assignments.





We provide a full range of civil and criminal investigative services, including:

  • Background checks

  • Location of hidden assets

  • Location of missing persons and skip traces

  • Asset transportation

  • Undercover operations

Spectrum Security Group's surveillance and investigations services provide the peace of mind you want.


Background Checks

Spectrum Security Group has developed the most comprehensive nationwide background screening system at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.  We call it our SAFE YOUTH CHECK™. Our system brings together all of the important aspects of a successful risk management plan into one system for any size organization.

  • Request a replacement ID badge

There is a $15.00 charge for a replacement ID Badge. Once payment confirmation is received, we will complete your badge and make arrangements to drop it off to you.


Parking Violations

  • Pay a parking violation

  • Appeal a parking violation


Executive Protection

Executive Protection encompasses a variety of services.  Our work in this field ranges from planning a full portfolio of proactive strategies, policies, and procedures for the chief executive of a multi-national corporation; to providing a brief escort for a traveling celebrity. The needs differ, but the basic methodology is the same: research of the Subject's needs; comprehensive security and contingency planning; and careful selection and training of personnel.

We apply these established principles in a manner that maximizes the person's safety and sense of security; while ensuring that they have the freedom and flexibility to follow their preferred routine.